Dr Rob Elliott, Orthopaedic Surgeon
Shoulder, Hip, Knee & Elbow Specialist


Specialist Consultation

Rob Elliott Orthopaedic Shoulder and Hip Specialist

To see Dr Elliott you require a referral letter or email from either your GP, physio or Health professional. On the day of your appointment please bring any information relating to your problem.


If you have had x-rays or scans in the greater Auckland region then it is likely that we can access your images online. Please ensure that you have details of which radiology practice you had your scans at.
This process is streamlined if you have your radiology report with you. 

other details

  • ACC claim number
  • Insurance details
  • Details of any previous surgery or injury to that joint
  • Medication list


Dr Elliott will need to examine your problematic joint. Please wear clothing that will facilitate this.